How are you thinking? Part 2

Who is controlling your thoughts if you are starting as a real estate newbie looking for success?


I mentioned in the previous post that thoughts are powerful. Let me illustrate.

If  a child is constantly told they are no good and will never amount to anything and they are told this long enough and consistently enough – they will start to believe it. Why? Because this is all that is going into a child’s thoughts on a daily basis. However, if you take that same child and constantly feed them positive thoughts about themselves, they will believe that also and move forward to achieve great success in their life. What does this tell us? That your foundation is very important. Look at Tiger Woods. He started his career at a toddler with his father lovingly guiding his career and I’m sure everyone will agree with me that his father constantly gave him positive feedback and thoughts which automatically put him in the mindset to have positive thoughts and accept only positive thoughts. No doubt he will do the same for his children whether or not they choose to follow his footsteps in golfing. 

In the book, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill he states that if you don’t monitor your own thoughts then by default you give that power to everything that comes into your head from anywhere and everywhere.

As a real estate newbie if you don’t monitor your thoughts on a continuous basis, someone or anyone will monitor them for you. You will be giving them that power by default because you are not utilizing the power for yourself. 

Read Napoleon Hill’s book for yourself. You won’t be sorry.



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