Hey Real Estate Newbies were You on Tim Taylor’s Call?

Hey Everyone,

Were you on Tim Taylor’s call last night? Wow! It was wonderful. I received an email from him saying he was sorry that I missed his call but I was on in listen mode only. I just called the phone number and listened in. I didn’t use the link sent to me.

But wow the call was great. If you are a real estate newbie and you missed this call, you missed Tim Taylor speaking directly to you. At least that’s how I felt. I felt that Tim Taylor was speaking directly to me. I bought the courses, read the books, attended the seminars and webinars but I’m still not where I want to  be.  I’m frustrated, pissed off and angry at myself for taking too long to get where I want to go. But at the end of the day, I have no one but myself to blame. I take 100% responsibility for my position in my life at this moment.

Now the question is what am I going to do about it? What are you doing to do about it?

Tim Taylor calls it the space between your ears – if you don’t get the space between your ears where it needs to be, no matter how many courses, books, seminars or webinars you attend – you won’t reach the level of success that you desire.  If you continue to let fear hold you back, you will never reach the level of success you deserve or desire.

Tim Taylor offers a program for the “space between your ears” for him to mentor you to the success you need to reach your goals and be the success you want to be.

Whether you take Tim’s course or someone else’s the question remains, how long are you going to remain a real estate newbie? How long are you going to let fear stop you? Check out what Tim Taylor has to offer or someone else but get ready to move forward in what is the most promising time for fortunes to be made in real estate investing.



Real Estate Newbies Tune In!

Hey real estate newbies, I found a great call you need to be on. Check out this free webinar with Tim Taylor. I’m going to be on the call to learn how he got over his fear after 8 years of analysis/paralysis and fear and was able to retire at the age of 39.

Register for the call http://www.pr.com/press-release/166828

Hope to see you there!

Real estate Newbies how do you Feel and What do You Believe?

I attended a seminar in NYC with my good friend, Joe Nunziata of spiritualselling.com. It was a great seminar speaking about how to start your own home based business. I’ve attended one previously but you know what Joe Schroeder says, “Reptition is the mother of all Skill” so I attended another one. I did pick up something that I don’t think sunk in before and I’d like to share it with you.

I’m sure Joe said this before but I didn’t get it or it didn’t settle with me until I heard it again.  He said:

“It is LESS about what you do and MORE about how you FEEL and what you BELIEVE!”

Wow! How powerful is that? I’ve been writing goals and affirmations  – I have 101 now and most of them have not been achieved and I could not figure out why until I heard that statement.

I want success but I don’t feel I deserve it therefore do I believe I’m going to achieve it? Probably not.  I want to reach the goals that I write down but I had to be honest with myself and admit that I didn’t “FEEL” like I deserved and deep down I didn’t “BELIEVE” I was going to achieve it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to achieve it very badly but that feeling and believing thing keeps creeping in there.  After I admitted that I FEEL alot better about my situation. I’m not crazy and I do BELIEVE I’m going to reach my goals I just have to tweak my head and change the way some things are going on in there. How about you? Did that little snippet help a litte? I hope so.

Please let me know and leave comments, feedback. It’s much appreciated.

Real Estate Newbies Who are You Hanging Out With?

I know, I know we all have friends and relatives that we love dearly but if they are not on the same journey – wanting to become financially independent – should you continue to hang out with them? Of course you should but maybe think about cutting the amount of time you might spend with them. But if you want to be a successful real estate newbie I would suggest listening to what Loral Langemeier of Live Out Loud says — you should “trade up” for friends that already have what you want and you can learn from them.

I know I love my family deeply. Me and my sister are best friends, but she is not on the same page as I am. She pretty much has her life with her husband and children and travel and that is beautiful but I want more. I want to be a millionaire, I want to have better choices than I have right now. I believe being a real estate wholesale investor will do that for me. I know I’m a newbie. I have not done my first deal….yet! But I will get there and I won’t give up until I do.

How about you? Who are you hanging out with today that will get you where you want to go tomorrow. I think I saw an email from Heather Seitz who is a female real estate investor and I believe she has a conference call tonight that I’m going to be on to continue learning. If you are a real estate newbie, you need to ask yourself the question: What are you going to do tonight to get you where you want to go tomorrow? Please come and join the conversation…..