Real Estate Newbies What have you Been Up To?

Well, this is my 14th post and have I made any progress yet? Yes I have. How? I have decided that I’m going to work with Tyrone Taylor and let him help me do my first deal. He has a great price breakdown right now – $97 a month for four months or $347 upfront and he will help you do your first deal. I figured my funds are not in the greatest shape at this point and this would really do me some good. Others are charging $5000 and up to teach. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that but my personal finances are a disaster at the moment and I am not yet in a position to pay $5k for such training. I do believe I can swing $97 a month to start and who knows when I get my first deal in 30 days or hopefully less and get a check in my hand for$5k or even $3k what do you think that will do to my life overall – my confidence,  my bank account, my self esteem, my belief level, my mindset – the mindest of a newbie real estate investor will change forever.

I don’t know how long Tyrone Taylor is going to keep the prices like this so hurry up and check him out before he raises his prices.

What would that kind of success do to your or even my mindset? I see it and I  feel it and I also believe it now. Remember what I said that Joe Nunziata said about it’s more about how you feel and what you believe than it is anything else. If you got Tyrone Taylor to help you do your first deal and you got a check in your hand for $5k or more – how would that make you feel and what would that do to your mindset? I know I would be jumping for joy because I finally accomplished that goal. I finally overcame the fear enough to move forward and let someone else help me make it happen. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress and please feel free to join the conversation.


2 responses to “Real Estate Newbies What have you Been Up To?

  1. I have been following Tyrone now for the last few months and he seems very honest and upfront I plan to buy his coaching this month. He is a friend of another wholesaler Mike Collins and they really have a wealth of information I mean there are guys who charge thousands for this information. Please keep us updated on your success as I will mine.

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