I haven’t done it yet, have You? Real Estate Newbies this one is For You

I’m being totally honest here and telling you that I haven’t gotten in touch with Mr. Tyrone Taylor yet to get my first deal done. It seems that whenever I make my mind to do something – something else gets in the way. A bill, extra money being taken out of your checking account for something you forgot about, etc. Always something that seems to get in the way.

This reminds me exactly of something I read in Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich — “…Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.”

This is exactly how I feel – that keen sense of irony and cunning. Well, I’m not going to let it happen to me. I’m going to get my money together somehow, someway and get signed up with Tyrone Taylor.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress.  Let me know about yours too.  My thoughts are, “I’m not going to let anything stop me from getting where I want to go”

I’ve been reading T. Harv Eker’s, Millionaire Mind. I’ve been practicing every morning putting my hand on my heart saying, “My inner world creates my outer world” and then putting my hand on my forehead and saying, “I have a millionaire mind.

You might want to try that too. It has been helping me. Maybe it will help you.


5 responses to “I haven’t done it yet, have You? Real Estate Newbies this one is For You

  1. Hi,
    I’m totally with you on everything that you have blogged so far. I hope you haven’t quit your blogging efforts – I will rss subscribe and we can go on our Real Estate newbie journey together. I too am a real estate newbie, and I have really thought hard about getting Tyrone to help me with my first wholesale deal too. I know it’s possible, I just need some mentoring and help on the FIRST one. Have you called him yet? I’d love to keep in contact and spur each other on. We can be millionares…I know it!!!

    • Hi Walter, thanks for the words of encouragement. No I haven’t quit my blogging efforts. I am just burned out from trying to do everything on my own. You should call Tyrone and have him mentor you on your first deal b/c he can show you how to get a check (his words). I know we can be millionaires too!

  2. Hi just getting started myself and have been checking out Ty’s stuff on youtube. I was wondering if you ever contacted Tyrone and how things are going. Please drop me an email anf let me know. Thankx.

    • Hi Mike, sorry it took so long for the response. I haven’t been blogging lately but will return. Anyway, I have contacted Tyrone for my first deal but I lost it. I will be contacting him to help me through my next attempt at my first deal. So if you’re thinking about contacting him – Do It! Don’t wait or hesitate or you will take too long to get your first deal done. Just Do IT!

    • Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay in getting back 2u but I hope you didn’t let that stop you from contacting Ty yourself and getting started. In fact, I hope you’ve already done your first deal. But if you haven’t I have spoken with him on one occasion and I haven’t worked with him but I’m still going to do my first deal and get my first check. My reason for not doing anything with Ty Taylor has nothing to do with him so if you haven’t already go ahead and contact him. From my conversation with him he is a nice person and will help us all. Whatever the case keep moving forward. Peace & Blessings, Simone

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