Real Estate Newbies Do you Have Momentum and Keep it?

I Just experienced something that I wanted to share. I had an idea to form a mastermind group in my local area and I did a flyer for it. I was excited but it started raining and I decided that I would put the flyer up in the laundrymat tomorrow instead of today. Then I felt the feeling of momentum – you know the build of excitement about something that you feel good about – I felt that feeling slipping away. I had to keep that feeling in my mind so that I could hold on to it and get that flyer to the laundrymat and hang it up with excitement and not leave it in the folder that it is sitting in right now.

That is part of the puzzle. You have to hold on to the M O M E N T U M of the next step that you are working on – no matter what it is – in order to complete the task and move one step closer to your goal.

I realized that I dropped the ball. I should have hauled butt over the laundrymat and put the flyer up before I came home no matter what.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope that helps. It has helped me tremendously and I wanted to share that in the hopes that it would help someone else.

Check out the video on the previous post. This speaks about Momentum in great detail.


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