Real Estate Newbies I learned a valuable lesson I’d like to Share with You

I learned a valuable lesson today that I’d like to share with every newbie in any niche, especially real estate.

Today I was helping out a friend of mine who has a laptop and doesn’t know how to open his email so I help him out when he needs it. I’ve been trying to teach him to open his own email so he can have more independence but he’s still intimidated by the process.

Anyway, he is also an entrepreneur wanna be and always talking about making the big money in this venture or that one. Today I was opening his email and he checked it and then he wanted me to go to different websites — one for a pharmacy, one for a voip – voice over internet protocol phone, and a government site for auctions. I kept asking him what he wanted to do – he just kept saying “I gotta do something that’s gonna make me some big money”.

OMG! I realized who I was looking at – MYSELF! My friend showed me myself – someone who was willy nilly all over the place and not concentrating on one thing at a time until success was reached.

This is the same thing J.F. Straw speaks about. ┬áTo sum it up, he points out that you have to FOCUS on ONE THING – one business, one idea to success. Without this focus you will never achieve the success you so desire.

I realized that today because he was driving me crazy having me go from one site to another and I kept asking him what he was looking for and he was just looking and not focusing. That was me until now… I realize that from watching my friend that if I don’t get a mentor – a guide to my success – for my idea, venture, etc. I will never truly achieve the lifestyle I am looking for.

I wanted to say something to him but I didn’t want to come off preachy or judgmental so I just kept my mouth shut and went to the website. Maybe another day I can share this valuable lesson with him.

I’ve learned from this lesson…Have You?