Real Estate Newbies are you Implementing and Applying the Knowledge you are Learning?

That is the question. I know I haven’t that’s why I haven’t done my first deal. I’ve read all the books, attended the conference calls and took notes – oh so many notes I can’t begin to tell you. The one thing I haven’t done is implement and apply all that I have learned. Why? Because I’m terrified. All of this is new to me. A new experience. But Experience is the best teacher. Remember how it was when we first learned to walk. We were afraid but we did it anyway because we wanted to be independent. Now we want a different type of indepedence – financial independence. Well, Real Estate Newbies – we’re going to have to pay our dues once again. This time we are going to have to find a mentor or stumble through it ourselves like we stumbled when we were babies just learning to walk. Now is the time to make it happen.

Experience IS the best Teacher. Let’s Do It!


Real Estate Newbies, I made a Mistake!

In my last post I wrote that I was going to do real estate staging as a way to earn money to hire someone to mentor me to do my first wholesale real estate deal. Well, I went to the library yesterday to print out the $59 course I bought about real estate staging. Well, that was 162 pages. I only printed the first 50 and then I looked at it and said what the hell am I doing? I don’t want to do this – I really want to learn how to wholesale my first deal and then maybe do some staging as an add-on. But right now I really want to learn how to do my first wholesale deal. So that is what I am going to do.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how I’m going to do but I’m going to do it. I’ll keep you posted. Sorry about flying all over the place but this is what the chronicles are all about. I’m being honest about what I’m thinking and doing and letting you know. Like I said, I’ll keep you posted and let you know my next move.

Real Estate Newbies are You moving out of Your Comfort Zone?

Well, I am going to move out of my comfort zone.  At least that is my Intention. I have decided that it is time for me to get through my fear and my anxiety and make something happen.

How? There are many ways to break into real estate – wholesale, short sale, staging. Well, since I’m not yet in the financial position to hire someone to mentor me like a Tyrone Taylor – The, I am going to make my way – most uncomfortably  – into something else – Staging. I have to admit all forms of real estate fascinate me – rehabs, wholesales, short sales, preforeclosures, etc. When I learned about staging I first learned about the $10k course and $5k courses that once again I am in no position to pay presently. While surfing the net, I found a course for staging for $59. I know you get what you pay for but I bought the course anyway because it was in my budget.

I ordered the course and I’m going to the library tomorrow to print it out and dig in. I’m petrified! I must admit but I am moving forward and make this happen. I know I am going to make mistakes, etc. but I am moving forward because I am tired of letting my fear hold me back. I truly believe once I conquer this fear and anxiety and analysis paralysis, I will be a much better person for it. I figure I could use this to jump start my real estate career and use the money to further invest in myself and hire the Flip man to get me through my first deal and then the world will truly be my Oyster.

Well, here it goes. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Believe You Can – I do!

Real Estate Newbies what Truth are You Learning about Yourself?

Well, I’ll tell you a little bit of what I have been doing. I haven’t done anything but refocus my efforts. This is why my last blog post was in February. It is now April 16, 201o and I’m moving in that direction again. I am taking my time and moving at my own pace as you should too. This is not a race unless you are racing against yourself to see how soon you get there. I have come to the realization that it will happen when it happens as long as I don’t give and keep moving forward.

I have also learned that on this journey you learn about yourself. You learn who You really are – what you’re made of, what you’re capable of and most of all what you’re willing and able to admit to yourself.  We truly can be our own worst enemy. That’s probably why the show of the same name starring Christian Slater didn’t quite make the cut. Because we are very hard on ourselves and don’t like looking at that man or woman in the mirror.

The truth hurts!

So move forward in truth and abundance.