Real Estate Newbies are you Implementing and Applying the Knowledge you are Learning?

That is the question. I know I haven’t that’s why I haven’t done my first deal. I’ve read all the books, attended the conference calls and took notes – oh so many notes I can’t begin to tell you. The one thing I haven’t done is implement and apply all that I have learned. Why? Because I’m terrified. All of this is new to me. A new experience. But Experience is the best teacher. Remember how it was when we first learned to walk. We were afraid but we did it anyway because we wanted to be independent. Now we want a different type of indepedence – financial independence. Well, Real Estate Newbies – we’re going to have to pay our dues once again. This time we are going to have to find a mentor or stumble through it ourselves like we stumbled when we were babies just learning to walk. Now is the time to make it happen.

Experience IS the best Teacher. Let’s Do It!


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