Real Estate Newbies How High is Your Belief that you will Achieve Your Goal?

Is your belief level high enough that you will actually achieve your goal? My good friend, Joe Nunziata of says that “how you feel” is more important than “how” you’re actually going to do something.

Your emotions play a bigger role in getting where you want to go than we might give them credit for.

If you are hyped up, happy and enthusiastic about something then no one can tell you anything that is going to change your mind. When I was pregnant with my son, I knew he was a boy. I believed it with every fiber of my being that I was carrying my son. My sister, DD, used to say what if it’s a girl? You don’t know. I said, “I know it’s a boy. I believe with everything inside of me that I am carrying my son.” I already named him and was talking to him while he was in the womb and he would respond when I called his name. My level of belief was that strong that no one could tell me anything. I heard nothing else but my own beliefs.

How high if your belief level that you will achieve whatever goals you have set?

If you want to explore this subject further, I would suggest that you check out Joe’s site, He has some powerful information I’m sure you would benefit from.


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