Real Estate Newbies are you figuring out Your Bad Habits that may Block Your Success?

I think I’ve hit on something about myself that I’d like to share with you in the hopes that you may recognize the same thing in your own situation and be able to make the necessary change.

I realized that I have a bad habit of pulling back from something that doesn’t initially work out. For example, I lost my first deal back in 2007 because I didn’t have a back-up plan and that’s ok because what I should have done was get right back out there and do it again. Not think about and analyze until I was paralyzed and talk myself out of doing my next deal.

I also did the same thing with my driving skills. I finally got my license and of course being a new driver I had a few accidents. When I had my second accident, I got really nervous and fearful and stopped driving all together. It’s been a few years – – yes years. I should have never allowed that much time to pass before I got back behind the wheel again. It hit me the other day that this is a pattern that I have allowed to control my life. Well no more. Our fears are to understood. That’s the only way we can overcome them. I’m moving closer in that direction.  How about you. I hope you noticed a piece of yourself in there that may help you.

Until next time.

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Great Mothers of the World!


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