Real Estate Newbies Do You Have Burning Desire?

Obviously I have been reading, “Think and Grow Rich”. It got me to thinking about my Burning Desire. You know, what exactly is my burning desire? Well, it got me to thinking about what I actually went to college for. I went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College for Court Stenography.  I said I wanted to be a court stenographer but I didn’t have a burning desire to be a court stenography. That is exactly the reason why I am not a court stenographer. Looking back, I realize that I have had wonderful opportunities to be many things in my life. I started on good paths but never finished. Now, even though I did run into some racism when I first started out going on interviews for the court stenography field, I have to admit that when I ran into that opposition I didn’t get angry about it and make a vow to become what “they” didn’t want me to become. Instead, I just switched venues and went into the secretarial field. That wasn’t on “them” – that was on me. I didn’t become a court stenographer because I didn’t have a burning desire to become one. Because I realize now that if I wanted to become a court stenographer I would have and nothing or no one would have stopped me.

Which brings me to the title of this post. I have a burning desire to be more than I am now. In this case, a wholesale real estate investor. And nothing and no one is going to stop me – Including myself. Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy.

What’s Your Burning Desire? And who is going to stop you? You?


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