Real Estate Newbies are you Following Thru, Applying What you Read or Scattered?

Hey There, I have been scattered for quite some time. I have a horrible habit of not following through I realized. I have started a lot of things – my book is full of them — that I have not finished. This is another reason why I’m not where I want to be. I have no doubt that if I had followed through on at least one of the things that I started, I would be further along even if not exactly where I want to be but much further along. Also, who knows the people that I could have met if I had continued on that journey at that time. Who knows what other opportunities I might have missed out on because I didn’t follow through? I realize this now and will make a commitment to myself to follow through. How about you? Do you see (or read) yourself in these words? What will you do about it?


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