Real Estate Newbies Do you realize most of Your Success will Come From Inside of You?

Yes that is what I believe.  What is inside of you is what matters most. The work that you have to do in order to achieve success will start on the inside and work itself outside. Your success will start with how you think, what you think and how you let other people influence those factors. We have a lot of clutter and noise going on in our head because we are worrying about keeping a roof over our head, paying the cable, taking care of our children and giving them what they want and need without feeling like we are letting them down so we won’t feel bad or feel like a failure.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is sit down, clear the room, clear your head, turn off the tv and take the time to look inside of yourself and see where you are, ask whether or not you like your position in life, answer yourself honestly and make a decision to decide what you are going to do about it.  This can be the hardest thing to do because most of the time we are our own worse enemy and the truth hurts.  I’m doing this now on a daily basis. I’m taking the time for myself to get where I want to go. I know I need a mentor. Mentors are not free. If you can find someone to mentor you for free – excellent- grab them and hold on for dear life. However, most mentors will charge a fee and that is ok because their time is worth any money you need to spend. I just don’t have the money —- yet. But I’m moving toward that goal and working in that direction. For me to keep moving in that direction and not give up is what is most important. Hopefully, you will agree and do the same. You are worth it.


2 responses to “Real Estate Newbies Do you realize most of Your Success will Come From Inside of You?

  1. you should use a broker who can really help. Try a specific drug that is really an “expert” in a particular area or neighborhood to get. With someone with experience or, better still is a resident in this region itself is also a good idea.

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