Real Estate Newbies Are You Investing In Yourself Yet?

I guess you could call this part II of the previous post because tomorrow I attend my teleseminar with Joe Nunziata on Finding Your Purpose. I look forward to learning what Joe will be opening me up to. I say opening me up to because I have found with Joe when he opens you up to something, it doesn’t necessarily reveal itself to you right then and there. Sometimes it takes a few exposures before you have that aha moment. And you only get that aha if you continue to persistently move in that direction. If you stop – you start over again. That can be very frustrating but this is what happens to a lot of us because we haven’t yet realized that this work is continuous and you must get in the habit of doing it in order to reap the rewards.

I’ll let you know what happened on the call with Joe in my next post.

Stay Tuned, Move Forward and INvest IN Yourself!

Peace & Blessings,


Real Estate Newbies Are You Investing In Yourself?

Well, are you? Sorry, I’ve missed a few posts but I’ve been investing in myself and I hope you are doing the same thing. Investing in yourself, learning and growing is what reaching your goals and creating the life you deserve and desire is all about.

I have signed up for Joe Nunziata’s teleseminar on September 28, 2010 to “Find Your Purpose” Check it out and maybe you would like to attend.  But I’m not done. I also signed up for Vicki Irvin’s event,  September 30, 2010,!/event.php?eid=151392298216878. This call will show you how to I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T what you need to know in order to profit and actually start making money. One event is paid and one is free. There are a lot of free calls out there that will get you started but at some point – I would say when you really get serious about your success, you will make a financial investment in your success. This means you are making a commitment and you are serious and willing to do what you need to do to get there. It will take some time. I’m sure some will move faster than others for various reasons. If you have the money available to you – cash or credit – or you are a faster action taker. Myself, honestly, it took a long time for ME to get here but don’t measure my success rate to your own – Everyone is different and everyone will arrive where they need to be in their own time.

Investing in oneself is the best investment one can make.  Have you done it yet?

To Your Success