Real Estate Newbies are You Doing Your Business Backwards?

I know I was. Well, actually let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t have a business. I thought I did because I had registered my LLC and had business cards, etc. but the question I didn’t ask myself or the one thing that I wasn’t doing was actually making any sales. I had no clients, I had no sales so I had no business. There, I said it outloud. Now, that I’m over the shock of the truth of that I can say to you if you have done the same thing — registered your LLC, got your business cards but haven’t given any out, haven’t made any contacts or actually spoken to anyone about your business and most importantly, HAVE NOT made a SALE then you don’t have a Business.

Now that you understand what it is that you have done backwards, move in the right direction and get your first customers and make some sales.

I  was on a great 4 hour live seminar today with David Neagle and Suzanne Evans of More to Life. They have toured some parts of the country and stopped in NYC today but I chose not to travel and instead stayed at home and watched the live stream and took great notes. When Suzanne said that I didn’t have a business and mentioned the registering of the llc and business cards, etc. I knew exactly who she was talking to – me and people like me. We’re going out backwards. Get the business clients first, make some sales and then do all of that other stuff.

Now, in the words of the king of copy, Craig Garber,

Go Sell Something!  OR

in the words of David and Suzanne – Share Something that will solve the problem of your clients and customers.


Real Estate Newbies Did You Check Out Linda Cross’ Call?

Wow, what a great call. In 30 minutes Lucinda gave some great small steps to take in order to change your mindset and make the shift – your shift – into greatness. I would add to Lucinda’s notes that for me when I personally made the shift she is speaking of, I FELT that shift from within. Remember she said it is inside of all of us well I agree 100%. I also FELT that shift from within and when you do too, you will be able to really make some progress.

Well you heard Lucinda, if you want to join her class, here is the link;


Real Estate Newbies Check Out The Change Your Mind Change Your Lifestyle Replay

Hello Real Estate Newbies, My Facebook Friend Lucinda Cross has a replay of her change your mind; change your Lifestyle Call. It’s only 30 minutes. Check it out. It may help reinforce what you’ve already learned and/or open some new doors to you reaching your goal and help you to master your mind.

Like I said. Check it out. It’s worth your time.

Until Next time,


Real Estate Newbies Are You TAKING ACTION?

I was just going through some of the courses that I have purchased to get my first million and I have to say it  is my fault, all my fault that I am not where I want to be. It is my fault that I didn’t TAKE ACTION after I bought the courses that I bought. I had every intention of going through and following the instructions, but when it actually came down to it — I did NOTHING. And guess what? NOTHING is what I got – I got no check, no money, no progress.

Now the question is WHY? Why didn’t I follow through if this is what I say I want? Well, the answer is simple: Fear of  Success. Unfortunately, there is some benefit to constantly struggling. You are going through the motions and feeling like you’re doing something, accomplishing something but you still struggle. So it’s okay if you’re struggling because you’re doing something. You feel justified in your struggle. You get comfortable. Well, I’m tired of the struggle because I feel like that damn hamster on the wheel and you know what? It’s time to get of the wheel and move to the next level – True Success.

How? Acknowledgment. I have acknowledged that this is what I have done to myself and now I can change it. Remember, Dr. Phil suggests that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. So now that I have acknowledged it and embraced my feelings about it, I can move to the next steps – Acceptance of those feelings and then on to Success. Actually achieving what it is I really want.

Well, that’s what I’m working on moving to the next level of actually TAKING ACTION on the things that I want to do.

Well real estate newbies, what’s YOUR next Move?

Until next time,

Think Success

Real Estate Newbies Are You Putting “It” All Together?

What is the “IT” I’m talking about? I must admit I truly believe that I have come a long way from a year ago when I was more unsure of myself than I am now. I have gained a lot of confidence but honestly I have a ways to go before I get the goal.

I have been working on myself. I have some other tools that I want to share with you that have helped me tremendously. First, Success Magazine,  has been a wonderful resource to help me to succeed internally. I am learning that you have to feel that success from the inside in order for it to show on the outside. It is definitely a process that you must go through – each individually –  there are no shortcuts.  To be honest, I tried to do the shortcuts and stopped when I realized that I had no choice but to go through the process. Stopping stalls your progress and eventual growth but that is also part of the process because you have to take responsibility for your success, failure, etc. It’s all yours. You have to own it.

The other tool that has helped me tremendously is Kevin Trudeau‘s cd set, Your Wish Is Your Command, This is an amazing cd set that helps you unlock the magic inside of you. I would highly recommend this set for anyone who wants to succeed. I also read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This book helped me to really understand that you have to control your thoughts because if you don’t by default you give that power to someone else.  That is the “IT” I am speaking of – Your thoughts. Remember, your thoughts are things and you don’t control them, someone else will.

Until Next Time,

Remember Your Thoughts are Things