Real Estate Newbies Are You Prepared for Being Let Go From Your Job?

If you are still Employed? Well, I kinda knew something was going to happen because the front desk where I worked was in total chaos so something had to be done. Well, I was told that on the 26th of November would be my last day because they were going to make the position full-time and give the position to the senior person which I fully understood. I even wondered they hadn’t done that before they hired me because that would have made more sense. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe it was meant for me to be that for that time period to learn what I needed to learn and then move on. I realized a while ago that it is meant for me to be in business for myself so that I don’t have to depend on an employer for my paycheck. I’m not subject to their bottom line but will be subject to my own bottom line. I need to learn the skills to build a business to help myself while I help others.  I believe the Universe is letting me know it’s ok and it is time. Time to Grow, Time to Take Risks, Time to Fly without Fear. Or at least move through my fear and do it anyway. I believe in the words of Suzanne Evans of More to Life Tour, that would be a HELL YEAH!

Well, I’ll keep you posted as to my progress. Until next time,

Live Long & Prospser!


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