Real Estate Newbies Are You Using Your Struggle as A Crutch?

I am. I have been thinking for a few days about why I’m so afraid to step out on faith and I asked myself do I believe in myself. I do believe in myself but my fear is holding me back or I’m allowing my fear to hold me back. I know I need to learn to get out of my own way and step forward. Then I said I’m struggling trying to make it work. Well darnit I’ve been struggling for quite some time now and it is time to sh** or get off the pot. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m going to find a way to get what I want – now. I realize that I’m afraid to be in the spot light. I’m afraid to be the center of attention. I am truly an introvert. However, this will not serve me in my quest to be an entrepreneur. I have to learn to move past this. I’ve found that I’ve been holding on to my struggle like a blanket and it’s time to let it go.  To that end, I said if I’m going to be a successful agent or investor than I have to immerse myself in this completely. I told you that I was being let go from my j-o-b next week so I have no excuse. But I must tell you that I am petrified but that’s ok. I’m more aware of my feelings while moving in this direction and I’m asking myself the hard questions. I get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I think of being in the spotlight – out in front with what I feel is no net — and that scares the hell out of me but I will take my time and step-by-step move in the direction that I want to go. To that end, I found a great ebook online to help me get my first clients and build a database. It’s not complicated but it will take me stepping out of my comfort zone to make it work and that’s where the fear comes in. Moving out of my comfort zone IS indeed the most terrifying this for me. However, I realize that this is part of the process. Fear and failure are part of the process of moving toward success. So I will keep my lumps and learn.

I’ll keep you posted. Until Next time

To Your Journey To Success,


4 responses to “Real Estate Newbies Are You Using Your Struggle as A Crutch?

  1. Hi Simone,
    I appreciate what you have to say about dealing with the fear of stepping into the unknown, with no job or parachute. I’m just completing arrangements to market gasoline on the internet. Of all the products in the world, why would I market gasoline? The answer is because the arrangements I have made allow you to buy one gallon of gasoline/diesel, and get two free gallons of the same. So far, 15 major oil companies are on board, Shell, Texaco,Exxon,..etc. My problem is trying to figure out how to market this. And I’m scared stiff. If you know of any way to do this, or get the word out, I would appreciate a heads up. You can reach me at

    Gary C. Cunningham

    • Hi Gary, what about a facebook fan page linked to twitter and linked in and/or a squeeze page offering a free report about what you’re doing answering 5 top questions on why this is a great deal. Hope that helps. Thanks for your comments and much prosperity to you. Peace & Blessings, Simone

  2. Simone,

    I understand those fears but let me encourage you.

    Things are NEVER as bad as you fear they will be. People are people and they have their own fears and insecurities. They are not thinking about you as much as you might think they are, they are thinking about themselves and their own needs.

    Also, remember that when you ‘face the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain’

    You’ll find out, it really wasn’t all that big of a deal and you’ll wonder why you didn’t take action sooner.

    OK – if you are loosing your job, I am sorry for that but that kind of burns the bridge dosen’t it?

    No turning back so forge ahead my friend, count the costs and determine if what you want is worth the price. If it is, then determine to pay it. Plan your work and work your plan.

    You didn’t say what the specific things that are holding you back are other than fearing the spotlight. Let us know, maybe someone reading your comments can help.

    I have 25 years experience in Real estate – all aspects, investing, managing, selling as well as training others. Let me know what your challenges are, maybe I can help.

    Press on – I know you can have the success you are seeking.
    Remember, once you accept that sometimes life can be hard, life gets easier.

    The journey begins – take the first step directly towards what you want.

    Be Blessed,

    • Ken thanks so much for those encouraging words. I will most definitely press on b/c there is no where for me to go but up. Specifically, fearing the spot light, stepping out the whole thing i guess b/c I don’t have a specific mentor yet to kinda guide me where i need to go but I’m not giving up until I get there. I just read Preston Ely’s “The New Rich Manifesto” and that is so me – I’m all over that manifesto. I’ve started projects but never finished, etc. but I’m going to get there. Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement. Peace & Blessings, Simone

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