Real Estate Newbies Are You a Finisher?

Do you complete what you start? I know I haven’t. I’ve started numerous programs – Loral Langemeier’s Wealth Diva Program, multiple affiliate programs, etc. I’ve had no success with the affiliate programs meaning I haven’t sold any of the products that I was intending to sell. I would start but never finish. Even with Loral’s program I didn’t finish. I started off very well as I always do but then something would come up that I wouldn’t want to do or feel comfortable doing and I would find an excuse not to finish. That so sucks. I get angry at myself and then I wonder why I’m not where I want to be. That has to be a big part of it. I take 100% personal responsibility for where I am right now and for where I want to be.

I just read a fabulous report that I would encourage newbies and experienced entrepreneurs to read, “The New Rich Manifesto”. This was created by Preston Ely of I have read it twice already. It is FANTASTIC. It was so on point. I’m sure you will see yourself in it if you are experiencing any kind of doubt, fear, etc.  I would strongly encourage you to get this report. It’s free; just sign up for it, print it out and sit down in a quiet room for about an hour. It’s a quick and easy read well worth your time.

I do believe that I have to work kinda backwards now meaning that I have to finish what I started before I can maybe successfully move forward. At least that’ s my understanding of it at this moment. That could change as I grow and learn more.

Until next time

Be Well, Be Prosperous, Be Joyous


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