Real Estate Newbies Are You Ready for 2011?

Well are you? I am not going to have the same 2011 as my 2010. I want to reach many goals.  I am going to get my first listing, do my first deal, establish my real estate business – successfully. Find a mentor. Learn the skills to build a real estate business – successfully. I will not have the same 2011 as I did in 2010. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is up to me to change my life. I want more choices, better choices and a better lifestyle. I will have it. If it’s to be it’s up to me. I am going to make it happen.

What about you?

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful

I wish Everyone a Most Prosperous and Successful New Year – Reaching Heights You may have Never Reached Before.


Real Estate Newbies What have You Been Avoiding?

We all procrastinate about the tasks we really don’t want to do. This is especially true in sales. We all want to make the money but we don’t want to have to “Sell” because it moves us completely out of our comfort zone and we don’t want to do it. I know I never wanted to sell when I was younger either even though I should have gone into the field right out of college. I was always afraid of rejection and wanted people to like me and I always felt they wouldn’t if I was a sales woman and I was also scared to death of being on the spot like that.  Now, I realize that is exactly what I need to do and have been avoiding it. I tried to sell timeshares briefly – very briefly – 2 weeks – and I was taken off the line because I was told I couldn’t bring the sizzle. They only gave me two weeks but I don’t believe I would have made it happen anyway because that is what I believed.

At this point in time I want to sell houses. I want to get my first listing and I’m avoiding getting out there because of some fear but this time I keep envisioning me doing it so I know that I will.

What have you been avoiding?

This idea came from Andrew Morrison at Check him out when you can. He is awesome.

Until next time

Be Joyous, Be Grateful, Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies Are You Still Working on Your Faith and Leaping?

I hope so because without your Faith and taking your leap, you won’t reach the level of success that you want. I realize that I’m moving slower than probably most people in the area of ACTION. Massive ACTION is needed in order to reach your goal. I was just watching a video by co-creator, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, who is showing how she broke down the steps involved in creating a successful internet marketing campaign. I’ve seen others that broke down the steps but hers was really good and simple. It is always good to watch other people explain the same thing over and over – It’s called Repitition  – what Joe Schroeder says is the mother of Invention. Use it. It works. When Susan explained it her way, it clicked in my head how easy it actually can be. Check it out for yourself. It’s a beautiful thing. Keep working on your Faith and don’t forget to Leap. Remember, Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Be Grateful, Be Abundant, Be Joyous

Real Estate Newbies Are You Taking Your Leap of Faith?

I am. I am stepping out on Faith and taking a leap toward the success that I deserve and desire. I’ve been reading two books on becoming a millionaire in real estate as an agent in my first year. The first book I received from Keller Williams Realty when I finally decided to actually hang my license somewhere and Keller Williams opened their door and allowed me the opportunity. For that I am grateful. The book is called, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Now, however, it is up to me to learn the business and become the very best that I can become. The other book, How to become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent In Your First Year by Susan Smith Alvis.

These are two books any new agent or any agent who is not where they want to be should read.  The first book by Gary Keller explains the different business models along with the mindset of a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Susan’s book gives you the real nitty gritty and tells the truth no holds barred and keeps it real on the real estate industry and everything you need to know to really succeed.

I realized that I wasted a lot of time and I should have done this years ago but I guess I wasn’t ready and would not have lasted if I had gotten into the field then. That doesn’t mean I won’t have my lumps and bumps now but I also am coming in with a much more realistic approach than I would have years ago. I would have just come into this business – because this is not a j-o-b – it IS a Business – I would have come in thinking like an employee and not a business owner and I believe that will make the difference.

Truly, if you are coming into the real estate industry from an employee background, you need to give yourself time to wrap your head around the reality that if you don’t have a plan to build this business, learn this business, grow this business and grow in this business, that your paychecks will come from your sweat equity and nothing else then don’t leave your job ever. In fact, I would suggest anyone who wants to do real estate find an office like Keller Williams where you CAN work part time and keep your day job and slowly transition into this business. That was my plan, but I recently got laid off because they made the part-time position I was working into a full-time position and gave it to the young lady who was there before me. That was only fair. So here I am planning to build a business with no income from my part-time job at this point. Yes, I could find another part-time job and that may happen, but in the meantime I can still plan on building my business step-by-step and little by little.

I am wrapping my head around the fact that if I don’t produce I won’t get paid. I am wrapping my head around the fact that I will only get paid for the results that I create. I am wrapping my head around the fact that there is  no more paychecks for simply showing up and sitting at the desk. If I don’t produce and create results I won’t get paid.

So I’m taking my leap of faith and stepping out of my comfort zone and am grateful to the Universe for the opportunity. It’s scary but I’m walking on faith. Let’s see how I do.

Until Next time,

Be Abundant, Be Joyous, Be Grateful