Real Estate Newbies What have You Been Avoiding?

We all procrastinate about the tasks we really don’t want to do. This is especially true in sales. We all want to make the money but we don’t want to have to “Sell” because it moves us completely out of our comfort zone and we don’t want to do it. I know I never wanted to sell when I was younger either even though I should have gone into the field right out of college. I was always afraid of rejection and wanted people to like me and I always felt they wouldn’t if I was a sales woman and I was also scared to death of being on the spot like that.  Now, I realize that is exactly what I need to do and have been avoiding it. I tried to sell timeshares briefly – very briefly – 2 weeks – and I was taken off the line because I was told I couldn’t bring the sizzle. They only gave me two weeks but I don’t believe I would have made it happen anyway because that is what I believed.

At this point in time I want to sell houses. I want to get my first listing and I’m avoiding getting out there because of some fear but this time I keep envisioning me doing it so I know that I will.

What have you been avoiding?

This idea came from Andrew Morrison at Check him out when you can. He is awesome.

Until next time

Be Joyous, Be Grateful, Be Abundant


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