Real Estate Newbies Are You Ready For More Money?

I know I am. But I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t attracting more money into my life. That was until I read T. Harv Eker’s, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which I discovered about myself when I read his book. I am not managing my present money that I’m getting correctly so I’m not going to get any new money in greater abundance coming into my life until I prove that I can handle what I’ve already got. I didn’t get that until I read the sentence that said, “if all you have is $1.00 then manage that dollar well.” That was aha moment for me. Now, even though I don’t have much, I will change my habits and start with my first ever money rule – Pay myself first. The first time I saw that was from Robert Kiyosaki’s You Can Choose to Be Rich” Program, which stressed learning new money habits. I didn’t pay it any attention but I am now because I realize that my situation won’t change until I change. That comes from T. Harv Eker’s book that states that “My income will grow as I grow.” So there that’s what I’m going to do. What are you going to do? While you’re deciding, check out the review of the book that I wrote:

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant.


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