Real estate newbies – A Sense of Urgency Revised

Some time ago I wrote a post about creating a sense of urgency according to Preston Ely, author of the Flip Factor newsletter. He stated that he does everything with a sense of urgency as if it had to get done immediately because that’s what gets things done. I remember me saying that I couldn’t live in that space because it was too much pressure. Well, I don’t know y’all I might have to revise my feeling about this “sense of urgency” stuff because I’m beginning to believe there is some merit to it worth paying attention to. I say that because I was in my productivity coaching class that Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore offers its agents to produce better results in their business and wouldn’t ya know it, I came across that “sense of urgency” stuff again. But this time it was different. I actually felt that “sense of urgency” inside of myself. I must admit it was a different and funny feeling. Not desperate just knowing that I needed to get this done if I want to have what I say I want to have. And that I believe is the bottom line. If you want to have the things you say you want to have – success in the form of more clients, a successful business which will equal money in the bank, etc. then you must develop your “sense of urgency”.

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful



Real Estate Newbies are You Moving Forward?

And taking action. Action is huge I’m discovering as I move forward into my journey of becoming a successful business owner. I’m also taking a productivity coaching class at my real estate office offered by my broker. This is good for me to in order to accelerate my “ACTION” taking progress. However, I’m not crazy about knocking on doors. I think that is begging for business instead of putting yourself in a position where they (sellers and/or buyers) come looking for you. Having said that, I also realize that in order to get jump started and get it going it would probably produce results faster if I knock on doors. Yuck! I really don’t like how it feels. I feel like a beggar.  Now the difference between the real estate office productivity coaching and the Get Clients Now program is that the author, C.J. Hayden, states that if it is something you don’t like to do don’t put it on your daily activity sheet to do because you simply won’t do it. I’d like to also add that you won’t look forward to it and you won’t have any fun doing it which is what you want your business to be – F-U-N. You want as much fun as you can create so why do activities you don’t like? That is what outsourcing is for. I also like and agree with Rich Scheferen of He says that we are taught to focus on our weaknesses (cold calling, knocking on doors, etc.) especially if you don’t like doing them instead of strengthening our strengths and giving ourselves an edge and as Kadena Tate of states “there will no competition”. I like that much better and it’s definitely more fun.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies are you taking the Action you Need to Grow Yourself and Your Business?

Hi all, I’ve had my first open house, I’ve joined Kadena Tate, CEO of as a member of her Get Clients Now sales and marketing group to learn how to build a business. I am having a ball. I even put a video on you tube because I had an idea about building a list with expired listings and I went and put it up. This is huge for me because there was a time when I didn’t take action on the ideas that popped in my head but this time I did. Wohoo as Fabienne Frederickson would say.

I also found a site that I just joined called virtual deal factory. This site welcomes real estate agents, investors, entrepreneurs of all kinds. Check it out

It is free to join and it should prove well worth your time.

Take some Action Now – Even a little step and keep doing that consistently. It will make a difference.

Be Joyful Be Grateful Be Abdundant


Real Estate Newbies where is your Sense of Urgency?

Do you have one? I know I don’t at the moment but I should. Why? Because it creates results much quicker. I remember when I experienced a fire in February 2000 and me and my son had to go into a shelter. There was a great sense of urgency for me to get us out of that shelter. The sense of urgency made me move quickly and intently and we were out of that shelter by April 1, 2000 I was moving into our new apartment and my son had his own room.

Now that I want to succeed as a realtor/investor how do I create the same sense of urgency? I was wondering why others have success and I don’t. Well, simply put its on me. I have to make it happen. I have to give myself permission to succeed and not worry about how other people will feel about my success. How others feel is their problem – not mine. I want others to be happy for me like I would be for them and am when I see other people with their success I am happy for them. I’m not envious I just want to experience my own level of success. Have my cash flowing at $5k per month or more easily, consistently and abundantly while being able to help others while I help myself. However, I am having a challenge with creating that sense of urgency in myself to make it happen.

I found a blog post that spoke of this and thought I would share and hoped you might find it useful as well.

How’s your sense of urgency in creating the lifestyle that you want?

Until next time

Be Joyful Be Grateful Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Earl “Butch”  Graves, Jr. the son of the creator of Black Enterprise, wrote an article in November 2010 as part of the Executive Memo at the beginning of the issue with this title and I thought I would share it with you. It’s a great read, check it out,

Keeping your spirits up and staying positive is the key to success and without it we will all fear up, go belly up and hold on to despair and desperation instead of abundance.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies What are You Working on to get to Your Next Level?

I won! I won! I won!  As Suzanne Evans would say, “HELL YEAH

I am so happy and overwhelmed that I won a complimentary seat at Vicki Irvin’s Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event in July – see the paragraph below:

“…We have three winners to my Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event in July! My judges have submitted the winners to me, and here they are…. Simone Hardy, Pamela Jenkins, and Kim Harris. Each of these ladies did an awesome job of explaining what living a Superwoman Lifestyle means to them, and as a result, they have won a complimentary seat to my event where I will be teaching how to “Brand, Implement, and Market Yourself To Wealth.”   Congratulations ladies, I look forward to helping you take your business to the NEXT level!

The winners entries will be posted for all to see in the Superwoman Lifestyle Forum, so if you are NOT a member, make sure you join here, the forum is AMAZING:”

—–Excerpt from Vicki Irvin’s Corner of her Superwoman Lifestyle E-Volve Blog

When I saw the opportunity and I know I love to write I said to myself this is what I really need to get me to the next level so I sat and wrote and I had a hard time until I actually relaxed and thought about what it would really mean to me to be living the Superwoman Lifestyle and then it flowed and I submitted it on the deadline date and wished everyone well and sent it to Vicki’s assistant, Bonita.  I look forward to the opportunity to learn from a young woman that I admire who will help me reach my goal.

What are you doing to get to your next level?

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

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