Real Estate Newbies where is your Sense of Urgency?

Do you have one? I know I don’t at the moment but I should. Why? Because it creates results much quicker. I remember when I experienced a fire in February 2000 and me and my son had to go into a shelter. There was a great sense of urgency for me to get us out of that shelter. The sense of urgency made me move quickly and intently and we were out of that shelter by April 1, 2000 I was moving into our new apartment and my son had his own room.

Now that I want to succeed as a realtor/investor how do I create the same sense of urgency? I was wondering why others have success and I don’t. Well, simply put its on me. I have to make it happen. I have to give myself permission to succeed and not worry about how other people will feel about my success. How others feel is their problem – not mine. I want others to be happy for me like I would be for them and am when I see other people with their success I am happy for them. I’m not envious I just want to experience my own level of success. Have my cash flowing at $5k per month or more easily, consistently and abundantly while being able to help others while I help myself. However, I am having a challenge with creating that sense of urgency in myself to make it happen.

I found a blog post that spoke of this and thought I would share and hoped you might find it useful as well.

How’s your sense of urgency in creating the lifestyle that you want?

Until next time

Be Joyful Be Grateful Be Abundant


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