Real Estate Newbies are you taking the Action you Need to Grow Yourself and Your Business?

Hi all, I’ve had my first open house, I’ve joined Kadena Tate, CEO of as a member of her Get Clients Now sales and marketing group to learn how to build a business. I am having a ball. I even put a video on you tube because I had an idea about building a list with expired listings and I went and put it up. This is huge for me because there was a time when I didn’t take action on the ideas that popped in my head but this time I did. Wohoo as Fabienne Frederickson would say.

I also found a site that I just joined called virtual deal factory. This site welcomes real estate agents, investors, entrepreneurs of all kinds. Check it out

It is free to join and it should prove well worth your time.

Take some Action Now – Even a little step and keep doing that consistently. It will make a difference.

Be Joyful Be Grateful Be Abdundant



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