Real Estate Newbies are You Moving Forward?

And taking action. Action is huge I’m discovering as I move forward into my journey of becoming a successful business owner. I’m also taking a productivity coaching class at my real estate office offered by my broker. This is good for me to in order to accelerate my “ACTION” taking progress. However, I’m not crazy about knocking on doors. I think that is begging for business instead of putting yourself in a position where they (sellers and/or buyers) come looking for you. Having said that, I also realize that in order to get jump started and get it going it would probably produce results faster if I knock on doors. Yuck! I really don’t like how it feels. I feel like a beggar.  Now the difference between the real estate office productivity coaching and the Get Clients Now program is that the author, C.J. Hayden, states that if it is something you don’t like to do don’t put it on your daily activity sheet to do because you simply won’t do it. I’d like to also add that you won’t look forward to it and you won’t have any fun doing it which is what you want your business to be – F-U-N. You want as much fun as you can create so why do activities you don’t like? That is what outsourcing is for. I also like and agree with Rich Scheferen of He says that we are taught to focus on our weaknesses (cold calling, knocking on doors, etc.) especially if you don’t like doing them instead of strengthening our strengths and giving ourselves an edge and as Kadena Tate of states “there will no competition”. I like that much better and it’s definitely more fun.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant


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