Real estate newbies – A Sense of Urgency Revised

Some time ago I wrote a post about creating a sense of urgency according to Preston Ely, author of the Flip Factor newsletter. He stated that he does everything with a sense of urgency as if it had to get done immediately because that’s what gets things done. I remember me saying that I couldn’t live in that space because it was too much pressure. Well, I don’t know y’all I might have to revise my feeling about this “sense of urgency” stuff because I’m beginning to believe there is some merit to it worth paying attention to. I say that because I was in my productivity coaching class that Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore offers its agents to produce better results in their business and wouldn’t ya know it, I came across that “sense of urgency” stuff again. But this time it was different. I actually felt that “sense of urgency” inside of myself. I must admit it was a different and funny feeling. Not desperate just knowing that I needed to get this done if I want to have what I say I want to have. And that I believe is the bottom line. If you want to have the things you say you want to have – success in the form of more clients, a successful business which will equal money in the bank, etc. then you must develop your “sense of urgency”.

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful



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