Real Estate Newbies, are You Getting Your Life Supported?

I’m not at the moment but I understand the need for it now. I have to say at first when I heard Loral Langemeier of fame say to get your life supported I just thought she was talking about hiring a house keeper just because you could afford to do so. But no it’s because you need one to make your life easier. Now I understand what she means when she says you don’t have the time to do the laundry or go food shopping, etc. Your time is better spent on the things that will build your business – mainly Lead Generation. I didn’t understand it then because I was still thinking more like an employee instead of a business owner. Now that I’m thinking more like a business owner I understand that you need to be lead generating every single day – no exceptions or no laundry to worry about doing. Get your life supported and pay someone else to do that. I’m not yet in a position to do that so I have to go do my laundry now because I need clean clothes but shortly I will be delegating that task to an individual that I will pay to do that so I can lead generate when I need to.

Get Your Life Supported.

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful

Have a P3 Day

Purposeful Profitable Productive 


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