Real Estate Newbies, How are You Moving Yourself to the NEXT Level?

Or maybe a better question is are you moving yourself to the next level? I just received an invite from Kadena Tate whom I worked with in the Get Clients Now Program and she just challenged all of her former clients to go to the next level with her by performing a few tasks. These tasks are simple but I’m hesitant because it is stretching myself and frankly I’m not comfortable and don’t want to do it. However, that time has come once again to ask myself what do I really want and will this help me get there and of course the answer is a resounding yes so I will do it but I’m uncomfortable. I also realize that what is uncomfortable will stretch you and if you’re not being stretched and therefore uncomfortable then you are not growing. When you are not growing, you are dying so I know I will complete the tasks as requested by my dear friend and mentor Kadena Tate and stretch myself and G-R-O-W. Well, what are you waiting for? Stretch Yourself. Get Uncomfortable and G-R-O-W. You’ll be glad you did.

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable


Real Estate Newbies Are You Marketing Your Business?

I am learning this great skill. The famous saying that 9 out of 10 businesses fail is true for a few reasons but one main reason is marketing.  I remember Rachel Young of Big Cheese Marketing said that no matter what business you’re in your business is marketing. In other words, no matter what your title is, real estate agent, investor, business owner, etc. — your main business is to market that business.  Marketing is the number one skill that we all had better master if we want to stay in business and achieve success past the nine of out ten businesses who fail. You want your business to be the one who makes it and moves into the top 5% of businesses who make $100k or more. How cool would that be? I know that is my goal as a real estate agent who started out wanting to be an investor and still kinda wants that too. We all want to accomplish more than one goal in our lives when we really sit down and think about it. We all have many goals and dreams we want to accomplish. I also want to learn how to fly. I know I know my family would say you can’t drive so how you gonna fly a plane but I say those are two different things and I can drive just not that well. I would need to take more driving lessons since I crashed two cars yes two and I lost my confidence but alas I still want to get back on the road and I will — AFTER I take some more driving lessons.

Remember, Marketing Marketing Marketing is the skill we all need to master if we want to be successful in our business.

Happy Marketing!

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable.

Be Grateful Be Abundant Be Joyous

Real Estate Newbies, Never Give Up!

I just received this from Steph Davis of Money Diva associated with Susan Lassiter-Lyon of Investor Insights.  I thought this was  a great email to share with you all so here it is in it’s entirety: Enjoy and take note

Hey there- Happy Friday!

I’m just getting ready to head out the
door to the gym, but wanted to send out
a quick email to give you a word (or two)
of encouragement.

I know it can get tough out there in the
trenches, especially when you’re just getting
started, and especially when you have yet
to close your first deal.

I’ve been there and done that, and I know
from personal experience that it can get
frustrating as heck.

So, I wanted to write you this email to give
you a cyber pep talk and to encourage you
to keep on going.

Keep taking action.

Keep stretching yourself out of your
comfort zone.

Keep learning and then applying what
you’ve learned.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP.

I remember back when I was just getting
started and I was out there busting my
butt to get my first deal under my belt…
I was totally frustrated, totally broke,
and totally ready to throw in the towel
and give up…

And I remember a piece of advice that a friend
gave me that really struck a chord and
gave me the motivation to keep moving
forward during those tough times…

He said, “Steph, this is where you earn it. This
is the point that most people get to and instead
of pushing through the hard times, they give up.
You have a choice right now, and you can either
commit to doing whatever it takes to succeed,
OR you can do what almost everyone else does
and just give up….”

And so I decided that I was going to stick it out
and make it happen come hell or high water. I
was going to start closing deals, and nothing
was gonna stand in my way…

And before long, I was closing deals (and lots of
’em), and making more money than I ever
thought was possible.

I look back now and think of how close I came to
giving up, and I’m so thankful that I made the
decision to stick it out.

And I’m writing this email to you today to
encourage you to make the same commitment
to your success as I did, and make the decision
to keep moving forward no matter what.

It might not seem like the easiest decision to
make, but I can tell you from personal experience
that it will be well worth it in the long run if
you stay the course.  I’m living proof that it is…

Keep on truckin’.
Your success is right around the corner.


Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

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Real Estate Newbies, Are You Cold Calling?

You should. I can’t believe I’m saying this – me – the one who you couldn’t pay a million dollars to pick up the phone and cold call somebody. Oh hell no! Not this one. But yes you should do it. You should cold call because it stretches you. Yes, I know you don’t like the attitude people give you and some may even curse you out – that happened to me the other day. But you know what, I’m still growing and changing. You’re never going to see these people face-to-face unless of course you hit a jackpot and turn that person into a friend or customer and it can happen when you reach out with the intention of wanting to help the person on the other end instead of coming from a place of just wanting to help yourself. Now, I know you can and most of us do feel that way. but when you change your intention, you change not necessarily the outcome but more importantly your response to the outcome — especially if it is a negative one. I’m finding that the way people react is no reflection on you so don’t take it personally. These people are in their own individual world that have nothing to do with you and then boom here you come calling. Cold calling is interruption marketing and you must recognize and accept that when you cold call, you are interrupting the lives of the people you are offering your services to and their first response is to rip your head off some of the time. Other times you may catch them in a good mood and make a friend. I did yesterday when I called I spoke to a very gracious woman who took my information and said she would pass it on to anyone looking for my services. Now, I don’t know if that phone call will actually blossom into a client but she was very nice, kind and courteous and that’s rare these days. I would like to do something nice for her for just being so pleasant. Anyway, you have to get yourself to a point where you’re ready to make cold calls because it is more beneficial to you and your personal development than it is to the person on the other end. You learn how people respond and more importantly you learn how to respond to the type of person on the other end. Not nasty. Just polish your professionalism, say ok and move on to the next number on your list.

I know it’s not easy. It took me years to get over that fear but the lifestyle I desire and deserve is moving me past the fear and avoidance of learning how to cold call. I don’t believe I’m going to do use this method of filling my pipeline forever but it is a great teaching and learning tool. Well, get to scrubbing those numbers and calling some folk. What are you waiting for? When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ll start calling. I did.

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant.

Have a P3 Day –  Purposeful Productive Profitable.

Real Estate Newbies, Are you Networking?

I do believe I wrote something about networking but I found this great article by Preston Ely of the Flip Factor and thought I would share it with you.

Network Your Way To Millions
Drink As Much Malt Liquor As Possible Along The Way
By Pre$ton Ely, a.k.a. The King of Wholesaling
Let's cut to the chase.
The goal is a few hundred leads per month.  You want billboards, commercials, and mass 
mailers going out in the tens of thousands.  
There is only one small problem...
You currently have $327 a month available for marketing.What do you do?
You have champagne taste and a malt liquor budget.
Simply put, you must start where you are and work your way up.  And where you are is BROKE, 
by the way.  Let that both embarrass you and motivate you at the same time.  Don't like it?  Oh
yes you do.  If you really didn't like it, you'd change it.  It's comfortable to you, and you're scared 
of anything else.  You don't want the responsibility.
Isn't that true?
How does that make you feel?
You need to become a networking machine.  You need to start networking so consistently and 
constantly that you literally hand out 95 business cards to imaginary people in your dreams at
Doesn't sound fun, does it?  Well how much fun is being broke?  Which one is less funner to 
The answer to that question will determine whether or not you get off your lazy arse and DO
something about your life.  
You gotta get in the mix, man.  Mix it up.  Stir it up.  Put it in the oven and bake it till a cash 
cake appears out of nowhere.
Then eat it.
Eating the cash cake is so fun, let me tell you.  Oh how glorious when cash cakes just come to 
you every day.  What a life.
But you gotta pay your dues.
No dues?  No cake.  No cake for you!
Your entire community needs to know that you buy houses and close fast.  That you're the "go 
to" guy or gal when someone needs their house sold quickly.  
How do you plan on accomplishing this?  
If you have lots of money then this is easy.  If you don't, then it takes work and high levels of 
Are you willing to work?  How willing are you to put in some 15 hour days to really get this thing
off the ground?  Are you all talk by any chance?  Or are you one of those rare souls who actually 
make something happen in this world?  Who are you REALLY?
Get out there and make some friends.  Hand your card out to every single person who comes 
within a 3 foot radius of you.  The exact card to use and the unbelievably easy conversation you 
need to have with these people are in my digital book that you should already have by now.  
I was just having lunch with a friend of mine who has been in the real estate investing game for
years already.  He STILL hands his business card out to people in an effort to get new leads.  As 
a matter of fact he just recently did a deal that he made over $20,000 on, and he got it from
handing his business card out to a stranger at MY office - Starbucks!  
It is more comfortable to do nothing.  It feels better to stay home and watch tv.  But does it feel 
better really?  How do you feel about yourself?  About your life?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how 
much do you think your spouse respects you and what you have accomplished in life?  How 
does that feel?  Do your kids respect you or pity you?  How does that feel?  
Are you really safer doing nothing?  
Me personally, I would rather die doing something than live doing nothing.  
Get out there and mix it up.  Shake it.  Flip it.  Bake a cash cake.  Eat it.  Smash it in your boss' 
face.  Whatever.  
Until you have the funds for the big time marketing... network your way to millions.
© R. Preston Ely  (Do n ' t   s t e a l  my   s t u f f.)
all rights reserved
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