Real Estate Newbies Are You Marketing Your Business?

I am learning this great skill. The famous saying that 9 out of 10 businesses fail is true for a few reasons but one main reason is marketing.  I remember Rachel Young of Big Cheese Marketing said that no matter what business you’re in your business is marketing. In other words, no matter what your title is, real estate agent, investor, business owner, etc. — your main business is to market that business.  Marketing is the number one skill that we all had better master if we want to stay in business and achieve success past the nine of out ten businesses who fail. You want your business to be the one who makes it and moves into the top 5% of businesses who make $100k or more. How cool would that be? I know that is my goal as a real estate agent who started out wanting to be an investor and still kinda wants that too. We all want to accomplish more than one goal in our lives when we really sit down and think about it. We all have many goals and dreams we want to accomplish. I also want to learn how to fly. I know I know my family would say you can’t drive so how you gonna fly a plane but I say those are two different things and I can drive just not that well. I would need to take more driving lessons since I crashed two cars yes two and I lost my confidence but alas I still want to get back on the road and I will — AFTER I take some more driving lessons.

Remember, Marketing Marketing Marketing is the skill we all need to master if we want to be successful in our business.

Happy Marketing!

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable.

Be Grateful Be Abundant Be Joyous


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