Real Estate Newbies, Are You Stretching Yourself? Are You Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone?

You must. I realize that now more than ever. Because if you don’t, you will never know how it feels. It feels wonderful. It feels scary as hell. Even petrifying. But if you don’t do it, you will stay forever paralyzed by fear. My good friend, Master Nigel Henry, taught me that of The more I step out and trust me I’m stepping out in baby steps; the more I realize that people are looking for a leader. That leader can be you. If you so choose. I am learning more and more that we make a choice. And if we don’t choose then by default we have chosen.

Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore has a great broker, William “Bill” Wagner. All agents who are connected with Keller Williams have the opportunity to take a BOLD class. BOLD is an intensive 8 week course that will allow you to move past your challenges and step out and Live Your BOLD life. That’s paraphrasing but you get my meaning. To be your best self you must be BOLD. Being BOLD is: To do that which you are currently UNcomfortable doing. I would add doing that repeatedly until you are no long uncomfortable and then move to your next level of UNcomfortable activity.  I’m realizing a lot of us won’t take that step. Why? Because it’s easier not to. I was listening to put together by Suzanne Evans who I came across by way of David Neagle ( She said on her CD that it’s easier to fail. It’s easier to go to work and just have a job and not worry about anything. Now don’t get me wrong. If you are content with your job and you make good money and you are fulfilled and happy then you have found a great place for you. However, I never was. I was always looking for something more. I was never satisfied. I always wanted to be my own boss and call the shots. Then I started getting laid off from job after job through no fault of my own — companies closed, outsourced, etc. One way or another I was getting separated from the jobs that I sought. I was not looking to get let go at the time that I was but that’s what happened. There are those who might say that subconsciously that is what I was doing to myself and maybe they are right. But I knew I wanted something more. I’m now on that journey and it’s scary as hell but I’m not giving up until I get where I want to go. How about you? What are you doing to stretch yourself? Only you can. I know that now and I’m forever moving in that direction. Hope to see you there.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day- Purposeful Productive Profitable.


Real Estate Newbies, What Are Your Belief Results?

Well, I’d like to share my belief results. I have completed my first seminar. I hosted my first seminar yesterday, Monday, June 20, 2011 at the local PAL in Atlantic City. It was wonderful and scary and had me all nervous. And guess what? Only two people showed up but I am so proud of myself. I followed through, I followed up. I completed the task and took the journey. That is what is most important. Why? Because now I understand what it means when they say “Experience Is the Best Teacher“. I went through the journey, the experience for myself. And I must say I felt elevated, I felt it. I felt the experience grow me from the inside. That’s why you have to do it for yourself because if you don’t you will never know. You have to know what that feels like and the only way to do that is to step out on magnanimous faith and just simply do it. I was so glad to see those two people show up. That’s all it takes. It just means that you have to keep doing what you’re doing – talking to more people, connecting with more people authentically, honestly and sincerely and the next time I have an event, more people will show up. Now, what are you waiting for? Your inner growth is waiting? Get to it! You can Do It. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Real Estate Newbies, Are You Believing In Yourself?

Believing in yourself can be challenging especially if you had some challenges with yourself all along. Some people never have those issues and they skyrocket or they don’t let it show and they are very anxious when they’re alone but when they step out in public they put it on. I have ebbed and flowed with my belief in myself and I realize like I said in my last post that Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring wrote,  “Belief Always Comes Before Results. That was definitely worth repeating. You must believe in yourself before you see the results you desire. I’m working on that a little every day but being mindful of the fact that I am worthy and I do believe in myself even though I’m scared. But I’ll take my fear with me and go anyway. As a matter of fact,I’ve adopted something I’d like to share. According to my good friend, Master Nigel Henry, fear is really turbo yes turbo that will propel you to your greatness so don’t fear it, don’t run away from it. Embrace it. It’s a good thing.

Well, I’ve got to get ready and hit the streets and share with the public the upcoming seminar I’ve put together about the FHA203K Rehab Loan and how it can help them get the dream home they may want. I’m feeling turbo here so let me go and do that.

Until next time,

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable.

Real Estate Newbies, Are You Doing and Not Getting the Results You Want?

If you read my last blog post I challenged you to be accountable for what you say you want and now I’m challenging myself. I’ve been making cold calls and even knocking on doors for FSBO’s (for sale by owner) and still not making the progress or getting the results that I’m expecting.  Why? To be perfectly honest I don’t know why– well, that’s not entirely true but keep reading.  I do know that I’m getting frustrated and pissed off because I want to have the results that I’m looking for (seller listings and signed buyer agreements) and that is not what’s happening. What is happening is I’m frustrated, pissed off, and tearing my hair out. So what do I do now? Kadena Tate, CEO of told me to BE STILL and KNOW. She meant KNOW that I already have everything I need inside of me to succeed. I read in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring said that “Belief Always Comes Before Results”.  So this all comes down to belief in yourself. I have to believe in myself before the results will come. Now I believe in myself in my head, but something must be missing somewhere else in me because it’s not happening. My results are not what I think they should be. So because I lack the belief, I also lack the congruency and you have to have all of these things at once — not one without the other. It all has to be congruent or I won’t get the results that I seek. So how do I get there? I have to go deep within. I sent a message to my other friend, Joe Nunziata of Spiritual Selling and he told me I may have feelings of unworthiness and to go deep. So I have to go deep inside of myself because it is there that I will find the answers that I seek.  So if you’re not where you want to be and feeling frustrated and pissed like me — then we both need to go deep within and find the answers and the belief and achieve congruency. Well, come on let’s go.

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable

Real Estate Newbies, Are You Doing What you Say You Want?

I guess another way to put this would be to ask yourself the question are you holding yourself accountable to what you say you want? Are you moving yourself to your next level? I asked this same question or something similar on my last post. I must say I have stepped up and have done what I said I didn’t want to do. I started the 26-day blog challenge with Kadena Tate, CEO of I have done a blog post each day since it begun on June 1st and I will continue until the end. I commit myself to the end. How about you? What are you committed to doing to reach your goal and stretch yourself?

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable.