Real Estate Newbies, Are You Believing In Yourself?

Believing in yourself can be challenging especially if you had some challenges with yourself all along. Some people never have those issues and they skyrocket or they don’t let it show and they are very anxious when they’re alone but when they step out in public they put it on. I have ebbed and flowed with my belief in myself and I realize like I said in my last post that Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring wrote,  “Belief Always Comes Before Results. That was definitely worth repeating. You must believe in yourself before you see the results you desire. I’m working on that a little every day but being mindful of the fact that I am worthy and I do believe in myself even though I’m scared. But I’ll take my fear with me and go anyway. As a matter of fact,I’ve adopted something I’d like to share. According to my good friend, Master Nigel Henry, fear is really turbo yes turbo that will propel you to your greatness so don’t fear it, don’t run away from it. Embrace it. It’s a good thing.

Well, I’ve got to get ready and hit the streets and share with the public the upcoming seminar I’ve put together about the FHA203K Rehab Loan and how it can help them get the dream home they may want. I’m feeling turbo here so let me go and do that.

Until next time,

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day Purposeful Productive Profitable.


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