Real Estate Newbies – Have You Done Your First Deal Yet?

I’m still working on mine to be perfectly honest. I’ve written a few letters and have actually knocked on a door or two. Although I’m a real estate agent who thinks like an Investor, I’m still a newbie and I have to fill my database – fill my pipeline – create a database so that I can have clients to serve. Anyway, like I said, I wrote a few letters but haven’t gotten a response. I’m going to write another letter and attempt to find the phone number. Honestly, that can be the most difficult task to get completed. I looked on the internet but found no numbers. I will probably end up having to pay to get the number and then check it on the do not call site to see if I can actually call the person. But I won’t give up. Oh, I found a site that you can upload your deal on when you get it under contract. I was just on a webinar and the gentlemen Dana Van Hosen of said that Craigslist is becoming increasingly harder to place ads on because they keep wanting to verify numbers so you can’t use Google voice or ringcentral, you have to have an actual land line or a cell phone. That may cause  an extra expense with a cell phone you wouldn’t have had to pay for with Google Voice or ringcentral. He suggested backpage. I’ve used backpage in the past to post a deal that I was assisting one of my colleagues with in my office to help find a buyer. This is a great site.

Check it out: is very easy to use and you can use it to  get your first check.

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Real Estate Newbies– Live Events — are the Way to Go!

Yes Yes Yes, Live Events are the way to go. You’ve been reading books, attending seminars and webinars online, streamlining videos, and even teleseminars and then boom! here you are at a Live Event with one of the people you’ve been listening to and maybe even heard about on tv. Wow! How awesome is that? Well, I lived it over the weekend of July 15-17 in Washington, DC with Vicki Irvin my shero of The Real Estate Investment Queen and now Vicki Irvin’s Mastermind Coaching Program. I had a ball. It was so much positive energy in the room being in the company of a woman I admire so much and her friends – James Malinchak (Secret Millionaire), Kristi Frank (from 1st year Donald Trump’s Apprentice), Jonathan Sprinkles (The Connection Coach), Marshawn Evans (Branding Bootcamp), and of course, Vicki Irvin,

Being there in the same room with all of the people that you have so much in common with (mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, positive energy, etc.) is mindblowing and you absolutely cannot get that over the phone. Doing seminars, etc. is great but you must be at LIVE EVENTS  to really make it click. You can’t beat it. If you want to reach that level of success you must attend live events. There’s no other way to go! Oh and for a special treat we were mesmerized with the phenenomal voice of Ms. Chante Moore. Wohoo! Now that’s a weekend.

Is Zillow Better than

Zillow was founded in 2004 and started its online website in 2006. Zillow boasts data on 100 million properties but is Zillow accurate. When Zillow started I used it because you didn’t have to register initially to use the product and still get the data which I thought was great. However, if you did register you were promised a better experience. I don’t know if you have to register now but Zillow has raised its standards and now offers professional tools for a fee just like and But my friend, Mark Jackson of doesn’t believe that Zillow is the best source for data in order to arrive at the best value of the property. Is he right? Well you would certainly have to do your own due diligence and decide for yourself. However, I will say when I attended his webinar and he described his service, it was very impressive and his company offered a lot of support such as being able to call and get help to make sure your property numbers were understood by you by someone trained on his staff. I think that is awesome. Of course, you’re going to pay a monthly fee while Zillow is free. However, there may be some paid add-ons with Zillow at this point. Ultimately, you decide. Remember, you get what you pay for….or Not?

Real Estate Newbies Are You Limiting Your Beliefs about Yourself?

I know most of us do without realizing it. I have done for a long time too and I am conscious of my thoughts now to move in the other direction. I suggest you do the same. For example, I was speaking with my girlfriend today and she was so impressed with her boss who wrote a textbook that she wanted to read it. I told her that’s great but, “YOU have a book inside of YOU too!” And it’s just waiting to get written. Just about anything anyone else has done –write a book, play, song, — can be done by anyone else if they really want to do it. I’m not saying it will be a great song that Beyonce or Alicia Keys will want to sing, but you can complete the task at least and then tweek it to make it better if you choose to. Here is a line of Marianne’s “Our Deepest Fear” made famous by Nelson Mandella;

….”As we are Liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically Liberates others.”

Once we all go through this process, it will truly be the best world because we will all have become our Highest Best Selves.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day– Purposeful Productive Profitable

Real Estate Newbies Are You Posting To Your Blog Daily or Weekly?

Actually, I’m doing both. I got the idea from Stephen Pierce ( to post at least every seven days to this blog so that’s what I do. It was a great idea that saved me some sanity because I was spreading myself too thin and not at all organized so when I read that in one of his blog posts, I immediately implemented it. Recently, I accepted a 26-day blog challenge from Kadena Tate of She suggested that we post to a blog once daily with at least 100 words. I just knew I couldn’t do it but now that I have done it, I think I’m hooked. The blog challenge ended July 1st but I just went to that blog to make a post. I missed it! Now I’m thinking I need to add more stuff to it and really make it seo ready and all that and really step up my game on that blog. So you do the same thing. At least post every 7 days if not daily at first just to get in the habit of it.  Get going on your own blog for whatever niche of real estate you’re into – wholesale, real estate agent, rehab, flips, etc. — just do it and do it everyday of the challenge. Haven’t found a challenge? That’s ok– Create a challenge and invite others to join you!

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful

Have a P3 Day – Purposeful Productive Profitable.