Real Estate Newbies Are You Posting To Your Blog Daily or Weekly?

Actually, I’m doing both. I got the idea from Stephen Pierce ( to post at least every seven days to this blog so that’s what I do. It was a great idea that saved me some sanity because I was spreading myself too thin and not at all organized so when I read that in one of his blog posts, I immediately implemented it. Recently, I accepted a 26-day blog challenge from Kadena Tate of She suggested that we post to a blog once daily with at least 100 words. I just knew I couldn’t do it but now that I have done it, I think I’m hooked. The blog challenge ended July 1st but I just went to that blog to make a post. I missed it! Now I’m thinking I need to add more stuff to it and really make it seo ready and all that and really step up my game on that blog. So you do the same thing. At least post every 7 days if not daily at first just to get in the habit of it.  Get going on your own blog for whatever niche of real estate you’re into – wholesale, real estate agent, rehab, flips, etc. — just do it and do it everyday of the challenge. Haven’t found a challenge? That’s ok– Create a challenge and invite others to join you!

Be Joyous Be Abundant Be Grateful

Have a P3 Day – Purposeful Productive Profitable.


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