Real Estate Newbies Are You Limiting Your Beliefs about Yourself?

I know most of us do without realizing it. I have done for a long time too and I am conscious of my thoughts now to move in the other direction. I suggest you do the same. For example, I was speaking with my girlfriend today and she was so impressed with her boss who wrote a textbook that she wanted to read it. I told her that’s great but, “YOU have a book inside of YOU too!” And it’s just waiting to get written. Just about anything anyone else has done –write a book, play, song, — can be done by anyone else if they really want to do it. I’m not saying it will be a great song that Beyonce or Alicia Keys will want to sing, but you can complete the task at least and then tweek it to make it better if you choose to. Here is a line of Marianne’s “Our Deepest Fear” made famous by Nelson Mandella;

….”As we are Liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically Liberates others.”

Once we all go through this process, it will truly be the best world because we will all have become our Highest Best Selves.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day– Purposeful Productive Profitable


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