Real Estate Newbies– Live Events — are the Way to Go!

Yes Yes Yes, Live Events are the way to go. You’ve been reading books, attending seminars and webinars online, streamlining videos, and even teleseminars and then boom! here you are at a Live Event with one of the people you’ve been listening to and maybe even heard about on tv. Wow! How awesome is that? Well, I lived it over the weekend of July 15-17 in Washington, DC with Vicki Irvin my shero of The Real Estate Investment Queen and now Vicki Irvin’s Mastermind Coaching Program. I had a ball. It was so much positive energy in the room being in the company of a woman I admire so much and her friends – James Malinchak (Secret Millionaire), Kristi Frank (from 1st year Donald Trump’s Apprentice), Jonathan Sprinkles (The Connection Coach), Marshawn Evans (Branding Bootcamp), and of course, Vicki Irvin,

Being there in the same room with all of the people that you have so much in common with (mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, positive energy, etc.) is mindblowing and you absolutely cannot get that over the phone. Doing seminars, etc. is great but you must be at LIVE EVENTS  to really make it click. You can’t beat it. If you want to reach that level of success you must attend live events. There’s no other way to go! Oh and for a special treat we were mesmerized with the phenenomal voice of Ms. Chante Moore. Wohoo! Now that’s a weekend.


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