Real Estate Newbies – Have You Done Your First Deal Yet?

I’m still working on mine to be perfectly honest. I’ve written a few letters and have actually knocked on a door or two. Although I’m a real estate agent who thinks like an Investor, I’m still a newbie and I have to fill my database – fill my pipeline – create a database so that I can have clients to serve. Anyway, like I said, I wrote a few letters but haven’t gotten a response. I’m going to write another letter and attempt to find the phone number. Honestly, that can be the most difficult task to get completed. I looked on the internet but found no numbers. I will probably end up having to pay to get the number and then check it on the do not call site to see if I can actually call the person. But I won’t give up. Oh, I found a site that you can upload your deal on when you get it under contract. I was just on a webinar and the gentlemen Dana Van Hosen of said that Craigslist is becoming increasingly harder to place ads on because they keep wanting to verify numbers so you can’t use Google voice or ringcentral, you have to have an actual land line or a cell phone. That may cause  an extra expense with a cell phone you wouldn’t have had to pay for with Google Voice or ringcentral. He suggested backpage. I’ve used backpage in the past to post a deal that I was assisting one of my colleagues with in my office to help find a buyer. This is a great site.

Check it out: is very easy to use and you can use it to  get your first check.

Gratefully Yours,


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