Real Estate Newbies – Don’t Fight the Fear – Embrace It!

Yes, embrace the fear and change the name of the fear to TURBO. Yes, TURBO. Master Nigel Henry of Mastery Unleashed says that Fear is really TURBO propelling you to your Greatness so Embrace It, Feel It, Let it flow through you and propel you to your greatness and complete the task.

For me that task is my first deal. Since I learned to change the way I think about fear with some help from Master Henry Nigel, I don’t feel as terrified on the inside of tackling this issue and actually moving forward one step at a time and getting my first deal done. I’ve gone over the process and steps of it a thousand times in my head and now I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and am determined to make it happen. There is a house down the block from me that is abandoned and I’ve written the owner once. I’m going to write the owner again and see if I can get this deal done– My first one. I’ll keep you posted.



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