Real Estate Newbies Are You Honing in?

Are you honing in on your mentors yet that is? Have you created your list of mentors that really resonate with want you want to learn or how you want to build your business or build your internal strengths? Who are those people that you’ve found to really bring you to your next level? How are you going to pay for the mentoring or coaching or marketing training that they offer that will take you to your next level? Is your business successful enough to be able to put money aside from your revenue to pay for them? If not, are you going to get a job to make that investment? As for me, I’m going to be going to work on a job because to be honest I haven’t secured my first listing as an agent or done my first deal. I feel me getting closer but no cigar yet? I’m going to work to put aside the money to ultimately invest in myself. Because I don’t know about you but I’m better than Loreal and I’m definitely worth it. Are you?


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