Real Estate Newbies Who are your Top Three?

Who are your top three mentors? Have you honed in on them as I mentioned in my last post? By now you should have three people who can help you get where you want to go and these three people can help you in different areas of your growth.
My top three are Kadena Tate, CEO of, Vicki Irvin, CEO of Superwoman Lifestyle,, and Grant Leboff author of Sales Therapy and his newest book, Sticky Marketing, Grant is one of my top three because when I read his book, Sales Therapy, I realized finally that I could sell and it was possible. I want at least one session with Grant to help me hone in on my three dimensional unique client prospective. Vicki Irvin, because of her connections and make it happen power. Kadena because of her unique abiility to tap into the individual and bring their particular qualities to the forefront of their individual life and business.

Who are your top Three?
Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant


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