Coaching Progress Report #3: Here’s what Happened

Well, my coach sent me an email and I read it and I agreed with what he said. What did he say?

“Some people make it to their 1 on 1 call and others miss their time. Whether you made your call time or not isn’t really the issue. The best way to get your business on track is to change.”

And after I read that I said, “He is right”. It’s not about him keeping the schedule, it’s about me knowing that I need to make changes; create habits that will get me where I want to go. At the end of the day no matter what it’s on me to change – to create the habits that will build myself and build my business.
So there. That’s the end of that story. Now, am I making the changes? I can absolutely say yes I am. How did I accomplish that? Well, I did a few things. The first thing I did was go back to the beginning when I first worked with Kadena Tate of to help me learn about marketing – real marketing and more importantly to discover my top 5 strengths. She suggested that I purchase the book strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath discovered my top 5 strengths and re-read what it said about me and I was so surprised that it was dead on. My top 5 strengths are 1)Intellection 2)Input 3)Positivity 4)Learner 5)Adaptability which means that I love to think, I collect information, I stay Positive, I love to learn and I go with the flow. How awesome is that? When you begin your journey from a place of power and a great foundation such as knowing your 5 strengths, you cannot go wrong. I will continue to get coaching because without it you won’t reach your top. Remember, Tiger Woods has a coach so why wouldn’t you?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and what habits I create.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant


4 responses to “Coaching Progress Report #3: Here’s what Happened

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