Real Estate Newbies What is FEAR?

Why is it stopping you and what can you do about it? Let’s talk about. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame says that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real so we should Fail Early and Responsibly so that we can make our mistakes early in our career and keep it moving. But Fear has held so many of us back from taking that first step and/or seeking the help of experts who can help you do that. I must admit that it took me a while and a lot of reading and growing individually to change my thinking to understand the value and benefit of paying for expertise in helping you get where you want to go. So many of our friends or family members will say things like, “you gonna spend $500 on something stupid like that?” “Are you crazy?” What’s wrong with you?” And questions like that will especially from people who are in your circle of influence and you value what they say and how they feel about you will make you doubt yourself and change your mind.


Real Estate Newbies Have You Made Your First Deal Yet or IS F-E-A-R Holding you Back and IS It Pissing You OFF?

I must admit I have not done my first deal yet and it’s pissing me off. Why haven’t I done a deal yet? My first deal at that? I was thinking about that the other day and it really made me angry at myself for letting so much time pass and STILL haven’t gotten a deal done yet. Well, to put it in plain English I’m Scared. There is something that is holding me back and I can feel it inside. I can’t yet identify it but I know that it’s me and nobody but me.

The saying goes “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” and that may very well be true but for me I can feel it from the inside out and it just stops me I mean it knocks me out. It wells up in me and it stops me cold and I retreat. That’s why I’ve been paying for coaching monthly but since I don’t have my computer, I have not been able to access on a daily basis; actually since I signed up for my coaching so it has been very difficult for me to get over that hump of fear. I don’t know about you guys but I need help and I’m no longer afraid to ask for the help that I need. I also don’t feel bad about needing the help either because I want to reach a level that I have never reached before and I need the expertise of those who have done it already in order to achieve my goals.

I’m scared as hell but I’m going to keep moving in that direction until I get there and I hope you will do the same.

Be Grateful Be Joyful Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies Sorry for the Missed Posts Part 2

Once again Guys and Gals sorry that I missed posting regularly for the last few weeks. It is very difficult without a computer which I’m still searching for one. I know it shouldn’t take that long but you know how these things go so let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

While I’ve been substitute teaching I came across a great book written by Harry T. Wong and his wife, The First Days of School and it really reminds me of being an entrepreneur. How? Because it speaks of the same truths that a teacher – a really good teacher that is must reach a certain level of awareness of self. That individual has to stand in their own power and help the students grow and learn. Isn’t that the same thing that an entrepreneur does? Wow. So many paralells I found between an entrepeneur and a teacher it was amazing. Does this mean that I now want to be a teacher? No. But we are all teachers to some degree because as we learn and grow we teach our children, friends and family to do the same thing. I also realized that one of my top 5 strengths is Intellection. As such I collect information which incidentally I’ve been doing all of my life and now I know why. I can still teach because a teacher inspires their students to learn and an entrepreneur does the same thing in a way while seeking opportunity and risks but you still have to find those who are on board with you; those who believe in you and your vision. With a teacher it’s similar in that the teacher has to set up an environment for inspiring students to want to learn.

You do the same thing when you do your first real estate deal with success and get that first check and now you can show others (inspire others) based on your experience of standing in your own power.

How Awesome is that?