Real Estate Newbies What is FEAR?

Why is it stopping you and what can you do about it? Let’s talk about. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame says that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real so we should Fail Early and Responsibly so that we can make our mistakes early in our career and keep it moving. But Fear has held so many of us back from taking that first step and/or seeking the help of experts who can help you do that. I must admit that it took me a while and a lot of reading and growing individually to change my thinking to understand the value and benefit of paying for expertise in helping you get where you want to go. So many of our friends or family members will say things like, “you gonna spend $500 on something stupid like that?” “Are you crazy?” What’s wrong with you?” And questions like that will especially from people who are in your circle of influence and you value what they say and how they feel about you will make you doubt yourself and change your mind.


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