Real Estate Newbies Are You Still Fearful?

To be perfectly honest I still have some fear but not nearly as much as I had before I started substitute teaching. Substitute teaching kinda throws you to the wolves and you have to sink or swim. Well I knew I wasn’t going to leave. It had nothing to do with the students. Children will be children and I had to remember what I was like as a student at that age (2-8 grade). I was hell on substitute teachers and well I guess I had some karmic payback coming my way because they gave me hell. The same way I did when I was the same age. But I had to learn that it’s not personal. Sometimes it can sound that way especially when a student says, “I hate subs” or something like that but it’s all part of the territory. That’s what students do and you can’t take it personal but you still have to maintain your cool and get the job done. The only one you really have control over is yourself. That’s the same with any situation in life and you keep it moving. I learned alot from being a substitute teacher and my fear is lessened. My fear is not completely gone but I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and that will include becoming a successful real estate agent with a successful real estate business.

To be honest someone suggested a while ago substitute teaching to me but I didn’t want to be bothered and I was a little fearful because you are naked in front of your students and you still have to maintain. If you don’t come correct, they will spot you for the fraud that you are and eat you alive. Once I got over that fear I was able to see things much clearer about myself and what may be holding me back in my business and make the necessary corrections. How awesome is that? If I can do that, you can too. Don’t let the fear stop you. Just put one foot in front of the other. Keep Believing in Yourself too!

Be Grateful Be Abundant Be Joyous


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