Real Estate Newbies What’s New?

Hi Everyone, I know I’ve been away from my blogging for a few months and I sincerely apologize but it is rough without a computer. Since I wasn’t working for a while I had a lot to catch up on financially and I’m almost there with being able to get a computer. I know we’ve all been there and although I want to keep on blogging forever, the bills still have to get paid and that’s what I’ve been working on. Still frustrated about not being where I want to be but NEVER giving up. As long as you don’t give up, you win. I’m winning but damn it’s slowwwwww…..But it is what it is!

That Said – I’ve been working as a substitute teacher and I’ve learned so much from the experience. I’ve had to improvise different situations with the students because no plan was left for me in one or two cases and I faced the situation head on and it came out ok. I came through. Maybe not with flying colors but I went through the process and came out on the other side of it. That has been happening my whole experience of substitute teaching and it has taught me a valuable lesson…EXPERIENCE IS TRULY THE BEST TEACHER. I was terrified standing in front of these students naked – not knowing what the hell I’m doing but persevering. I didn’t give up and when you have a classroom of students looking to you for leadership you don’t have time to sit down and think about what you’re going to do you have to do something. That’s what I did. I pulled it together on my feet right then and there and got it done. That showed me I can do the same thing with my real estate business as long as I have a PLAN. That is one thing that substitute teaching has taught me. You have to have a plan and you have to work that plan. Although I was flying by the seat of my pants on many occasions, I learned that you have to think two steps ahead and that’s what I started doing with my students. I started thinking two steps ahead and when I did that I was ok. I would walk into a classroom and if no plan was left, I had something I could give to the students that was grade appropriate that they could get right to work on and kept them busy and focused while they learned a little something. Granted, I’m not a certified teacher but I did my level best to contribute to the learning material in a positve way to the best of my ability.

Now I realize that there is nothing that I can’t do with the proper training and mentorship in place which is why I am continuing to say get your mentors in place and work with them. Your mentors and coaches will help you get over the hump you need to get over to achieve the success that you desire.

Get your coaches and mentors in place – NOW!


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