Real Estate Newbies I Promoted Myself!

Where? At a local event in Atlantic City. I purchased a table and bought my business cards and I even had a pink bucket where I invited clients to give me their name and email for a chance to win a $5 WAWA gift card (building my list) .

I have to admit the day did not start off so well. I should bought a tent to shield me the sun (duh) ! But alas those things happen but this is where ir pays to have friends who love you. My good friend came and saw what I needed and went and got me a tent – her husband and us put it together and whew instant AC – OMG – what a difference because I was ready to leave; I felt defeated but I wouldn’t give up and my friend wouldn’t let me. How awesome is that? No one can do it alone.

After that the day went fabulous. I was introducing myself to people and giving them my card until I realized I actually had no more cards left.

My confidence is so much higher right now and my fear in my ability to do what I want to do is growing. Now you go and do it too.Trust me it’s the only way to increase your confidence. It feels wonderful.

Remember like Nike said – Just do it!

Let me know how you do it.

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant


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