Real Estate Newbies are You Investing in Yourself?

Hey Newbies, it’s the end of the year and since it doesn’t look like the world is going to end so what about  2013?  Have you made  some decisions about  whether or not you want to have a better year?  If so, what are you doing about it? What have I been doing? Well, I have been investing in myself.How? I signed up for a 2 session group coaching with the fabulous Sydni Craig-Hart of smart simple marketing who is really helping me understand what it is I need to do to have a successful business. This got me to thinking about a j- o- b. No I don’t want to give  up, I was just thinking about how I work when I do work on  a job. You show up, usually someone shows you what to do a few times and then you’re on your own. Well, when you start a business isn’t that basically the same thing?  You’ve never done it before so you need someone to show you ….A coach to walk you through the steps, holds you accountable, sits down with you and makes sure you get your work or Projects done. This is ultimately the next and most important step to getting in the habit of running your business.Having someone walk you through and hold your feet to the fire. This is what we all need. 

The time is NOW to make that investment in Yourself and Your Business.

To Your First Deal, 


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