Real Estate Newbies, What are you Focusing On?

I don’t know about You but I have been S C A T T E R E D for so long it is a challenge to focus. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad said to FOCUS — Follow One Course Until Successful. It took me the longest damn time to get that. I was scattered for so long, I couldn’t get it together. Believe me this will waste so much time because you are taking no Action and not Implementing anything. I gave learned the hard way that If you keep jumping from one thing to another and not focus and concentrate on that one strategy, project, technique or whatever you want to call it, you will never accomplish what it is you want.  It doesn’t have to be real estate. It could be anything that you want to accomplish, FOCUS. 

I have learned this the hard way and you may be just starting to do this or have done it for a while.Take my advice and Stop It! Take some time and turn off the TV, cell, Facebook, Twitter, whatever and go to your thinking place and decide what action you want to take. Choose that one strategy that you have been putting down and picking up and write down on a piece of paper that this is what you are going to take action on for once and for all.Image


Real Estate Newbies here’s the 411 on my Progress

Remember in a pevious post I told I found a contractor to create a deal. Well, here is what happened.

I found a property that I thought would fit his criteria and he agreed so we went to look at the property the week of Hurricane Sandy. He wanted to look at the property after the storm so we waited. He looked at the property two more times and the last time included another investor who had more cash than him. So we looked at it again and they’re ready to buy. Wohoo. Great!
I have a deal. I am going to get a check. Not a big one but a check. Well, not so. My clients took too long to pull the trigger and lost the deal. Dang!

Well there you have it. I lost this deal because my clients took too long to pull the trigger. It happens. I have to admit I was upset but it goes with the territory. Now what?

Keep it moving to the next deal.

Remember ABCDE~~ Always Be Creating Deals Every Day~~

To your Success,

Hey Newbies, What are you Working On?

I was talking to my girlfriend the other day and she asked me, “What are you working on?”

I realized that she always asks me that and then I give her a rundown of what I am working on and its subsequent progress. I didn’t realize how much she helps me when she asks me that because it makes me think of accountability. How do we hold ourselves accountable for what we say we want? I was on a call with Sydni Craig-Hart of and she was offering a program that included daily accountability. She knows that we need it.

My girlfriend’s question is a good start but in order to create the success you want in your business, you need daily accountability. So if you don’t have daily accountability or at least someone to ask, “what are you working on?”, you won’t get there.

To your Success,

It’s 2013 Real Estate Newbies and it is TIME to Get it DONE!

Happy New Year New You Real Estate Newbies!

I hope everyone had a great safe New Year. Me? I just put on some headphones and listened to some old- school R&B. I had a ball. I am Blissful and grateful to see a new year come in but I am STILL not where I want to be. How about You? Did you do your first deal yet? I am very close. If you recall, I told you in a  previous post that I found a contractor that I reached out to. That means I took some ACTION and made it happen and called the contractor to let him know about a property I thought might fit his criteria. And guess what, I was right. He was interested. It will be an all-cash deal. Now it won’t be a $5k check and that’s ok but I will get a check from something I Created. How awesome is that?  I sat down and thought about it and said, “what do I have to do to create a deal? I already knew about the house from the MLS so all I needed was the buyer. I went through the business cards that I collected. I hope you are collecting business cards too. When I went through the cards, I found a contractor who I had previously spoken to so we already made contact and I called him and he was very interested. He was so interested that I have already shown him the house twice and he is waiting for some funds to come in and I expect to close my first deal shortly. Wohoo! 

I will keep you posted as to the outcome. Now if I can do that, you can too. Come on let’s get past our fear — false evidence appearing real — Together. You can do it. I Believe in you.

Let’s make 2013 our best year.

I Believe in You. Let’s Do It!