It’s 2013 Real Estate Newbies and it is TIME to Get it DONE!

Happy New Year New You Real Estate Newbies!

I hope everyone had a great safe New Year. Me? I just put on some headphones and listened to some old- school R&B. I had a ball. I am Blissful and grateful to see a new year come in but I am STILL not where I want to be. How about You? Did you do your first deal yet? I am very close. If you recall, I told you in a  previous post that I found a contractor that I reached out to. That means I took some ACTION and made it happen and called the contractor to let him know about a property I thought might fit his criteria. And guess what, I was right. He was interested. It will be an all-cash deal. Now it won’t be a $5k check and that’s ok but I will get a check from something I Created. How awesome is that?  I sat down and thought about it and said, “what do I have to do to create a deal? I already knew about the house from the MLS so all I needed was the buyer. I went through the business cards that I collected. I hope you are collecting business cards too. When I went through the cards, I found a contractor who I had previously spoken to so we already made contact and I called him and he was very interested. He was so interested that I have already shown him the house twice and he is waiting for some funds to come in and I expect to close my first deal shortly. Wohoo! 

I will keep you posted as to the outcome. Now if I can do that, you can too. Come on let’s get past our fear — false evidence appearing real — Together. You can do it. I Believe in you.

Let’s make 2013 our best year.

I Believe in You. Let’s Do It!




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