Hey Newbies, What are you Working On?

I was talking to my girlfriend the other day and she asked me, “What are you working on?”

I realized that she always asks me that and then I give her a rundown of what I am working on and its subsequent progress. I didn’t realize how much she helps me when she asks me that because it makes me think of accountability. How do we hold ourselves accountable for what we say we want? I was on a call with Sydni Craig-Hart of http://www.smartsimplemarketing.com and she was offering a program that included daily accountability. She knows that we need it.

My girlfriend’s question is a good start but in order to create the success you want in your business, you need daily accountability. So if you don’t have daily accountability or at least someone to ask, “what are you working on?”, you won’t get there.

To your Success,


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