Hey Real Estate Newbies Are You Doing Any Deals Yet?

I hope so. I am still working with my buyer and let me tell you it is not easy but I am having a blast. The first contract we submitted was countered and the sellers only wanted to give a $1k concession which was unacceptable so we had to walk away. But we found another great home nearby that my buyer was so excited about. We immediately put in an offer and it was accepted. And get this. We beat out two count them two CASH buyers. How Awesome is that? In this particular case it was an estate sale and the Executor who I believe to be a nephew, wanted someone who wanted to LIVE IN the home because his uncle loved it so much and it showed in the care and maintenance of the home. Because of that we were able to get our offer accepted. So cash DOESN’T ALWAYS win! But we have been getting ready for closing and I will keep you posted.

Come on. Let’s get some deals going.

I know it took me a LONG TIME to get here but I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. So let’s keep it moving. You can do it.

Go get a deal!

Until next post,

Your Energy May Always Yield Answers!


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